About The Sylent Knight

The Sylent Knight is a normal human with the power of the pen. Sy has found a way to get under the skin. He pulls no punches. He is hard hitting, yet he can make one laugh, cry, and get angered in the same story. Intrigue, romance, and mystery fill the pages of his books. Some authors can write for children, some for tweens and teens. Some write for adults, and older adults. Some writers target women, or men. The Sylent Knight hits the whole.

Who in the world is The Sylent Knight? His first published book The Underground Railroad Returns to Disappear is the life story of his family’s involvement in helping others escape tragedy. His second published book The Underground Church Appears to Disappear, a novel, is based off his third published book, Miracles of the Underground Church.

He states that his most fun works were The Children of Duchendorf Castle. This series can be read to babies, and small children, tweens, and teens can read them, as well as adults. They can also be read to those in nursing homes and those in a coma. As an author, he has to read his manuscripts many times. He never tires of reading these. This series is destined to be a classic in The Underground.

The Sylent Knight is underground, off the main societal woes. He enjoys science, writing, law, research, energy, and health. He didn’t begin writing until the age of thirty-five, albeit he didn’t go to print until age fifty-two. This is something, in that he was considered retarded in his grade school years. In the 1960s they called geniuses “slow.”

The Sylent Knight has no Social Security number, thus he cannot have a bank account, and cannot cash checks. It does take discipline on your part, to send cash for his books. You will not regret it. Information on the books mentioned above and other works by The Sylent Knight can be found in the Books page.