The Children of Duchendorf Castle: The Boring Adventure (Volume 1)

This story begins with a family in Tennessee. They are homeless due to the government school superintendent who burned their home, and shot their dog Massive. The two teen children are thinking that their life would now be boring.

Their father just bought a mysterious home way out in the forest on the end of a lane. From the first day at the old house, life gets very exciting. Find out why they are not bored anymore.

The life of this family is fast-paced in the depths of the forest, as Art and Ann Peterson discover a castle in the forest. Join them as they save other children from a life of suffering, and as their God supplies all of the things and people that they need in their life. Place yourself in their shoes as their boring adventure unfolds into an exciting life.

The first book of an illustrated seven-book series that can give repeated interest for children, The Children of Duchendorf Castle: The Boring Adventure and its antique-like book cover will be enjoyed for generations.

The Children of Duchendorf Castle Volume 1, The Boring Adventure by The Sylent Knight

Published by Pick Press
77 Pages

This book can only be purchased as part of the complete seven-volume set of The Children of Duchendorf Castle by The Sylent Knight.

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