The Children of Duchendorf Castle: The Headboard Adventure (Volume 2)

How can a big antique headboard cause so much of a change in people’s lives—something that should just sit there and hold up a bed?

Well, follow Art and Ann as they discover what effect a headboard can have. Await the lessons that were found in the wall! See how Art’s kindness to his uncle can change many lives.

How about the kindness of three little girls to a man that they might normally be afraid of? Do the children know how to start an underground church?

If you are looking for gifts for all readers in your family, this series will make a lasting impression on them for many years!

The second book of an illustrated seven-book series that can give repeated interest for children, The Children of Duchendorf Castle: The Headboard Adventure and its antique-like book cover will be enjoyed for generations.

The Children of Duchendorf Castle Volume 2, The Headboard Adventure by The Sylent Knight

Published by Pick Press
63 Pages

This book can only be purchased as part of the complete seven-volume set of The Children of Duchendorf Castle by The Sylent Knight.

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