The New World Order 2025

This is the first book written by The Sylent Knight. It was written in 1990. The query for publishing it was rejected by three major Christian publishers because it was too futuristic. Who would even consider that everyone would be forced to wear a PLD (personal locator device)? In just thirty years, nearly everyone has volunteered to carry one. Your cell phone is a PLD!

Body piercings and genetically modified foods were not as common in 1990, either. Few people had ever heard of the Fabians.

The Sylent Knight has loaned his one manuscript out to a lady that said she would do a critique. She lost it.

When The Sylent Knight attended an underground fellowship, he was standing around talking with five other men. At this fellowship no one knew that he was The Sylent Knight. After a bit, a white-haired old man named Dave Pinsin asked him, “Are you The Sylent Knight?”

Sy answered, “Yes.”

“You sound just like you write. I have one of your manuscripts. I bought a box of books at a yard sale. That was the only interesting thing to read in the whole box.”

This is that recovered manuscript! Thanks to Dave!

The New World Order 2025 by The Sylent Knight

Not printed yet
Coming soon!

This book can only be purchased with Uncle Tom’s Cabinet: Slavery in Ameriquah by The Sylent Knight in the Uncle Tom’s Cabinet and The New World 2025 Bundle. The two books share the same binding and cannot be separated.

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