The Underground Church Appears to Disappear

The Underground Church Appears to Disappear is a novel of situations and miracles, some of which really happened. These were placed in a story form for your easy reading.

You might recognize many things that go on in your church, things that you may never have previously thought about. This book will make you think, and you might have to read it a second time to make all the connections. The Sylent Knight has woven a story that you will never forget. You will remember this book every time you enter a modern church building!

This book was meant for home-churched, homeschooled, and home-healthed people! However, if you are a hypocrite, well enjoy a good book.

Read in anger, or read in awe.

If you know someone that won’t go to church, this would make a great gift!

The Underground Church Appears to Disappear by The Sylent Knight

Published by Pick Press
160 Pages
$15 shipping included

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