The Underground Railroad Returns to Disappear

The Underground Railroad Returns to Disappear is a book of short stories of some family’s working on the modern Underground Railroad.

There are reasons why modern Americans must flee from persecution. One in the CPS, Child Protective Services, a large corporation that gets paid by the federal government corporation to kidnap children from Christian homes so that they can be placed in sodomite home, or with molesters. Some of the children are sold on the adoption market to mid-American, and wealthy couples. Some are sold to Arab Sheikhs for sex slaves, and some are sold to Republican and Democrat congressmen for human sacrifices and sex slaves, and blood-drinking ceremonies. (Where did all the children come from in the Pizzagate scandal?)

Homeschoolers, home-healthers, and those that are home-churched are the big targets. (The 501-c-3 churches already belong to the Fourth Reich.) The Temples of Doom also kidnap children for medical experiments (see medical kidnapping). These people need the Underground Railroad to flee.

And sometimes it is just to get away from evil grandparents. It’s not just children that are being kidnapped.

Older folk are taken from their families, and, well, they die in the care of the euthanizers.

Another target is organ donor kidnapping. A sick person is given an apnea test, then the family is told that they are brain dead. “Please sign here…” (so we can sell all these body parts for millions).

If you care for your family and friends, you need this book!

The Underground Railroad Appears to Disappear by The Sylent Knight

Published by Pick Press
155 Pages
$15 shipping included

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