Uncle Tom’s Cabinet: Slavery in Ameriquah

This is the second book written by The Sylent Knight. It was never published until now. This book was never finished, as the last few chapters were lost in a typesetter meltdown. Do enjoy it as a short story.

The book starts with three homeschooled children. Tommy becomes a journalist. Megan is murdered at twenty-three by the U.N. peacekeeping force. Danny and his wife are placed in a concentration camp, or “quarantine” camp with “the virus” where they die of genetically modified foods. Tom ends up with the care of his brother Danny’s daughter (age three) as they flee into the wilderness.

See how they survive and how they handle amazing situations—as they live for Jesus Christ. Two people sixteen years alone. Suddenly they are confronted by the Fabians. Is all their training going to be of any use? They think that the rest of the world is in slavery to the corporations… at least the ones that are still alive.

Uncle Tom's Cabinet: Slavery in Ameriquah by The Sylent Knight

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This book can only be purchased with The New World Order 2025 by The Sylent Knight in the Uncle Tom’s Cabinet and The New World 2025 Bundle. The two books share the same binding and cannot be separated.

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