Cannibalism; Vax

The Sylent Knight here.

These new Abomination vaccines are grown in aborted baby tissue vats. If you vaccinate, you are then placing dead human (murdered baby) DNA into your body. That is Cannibalism. God told us not to do the things that the “ites” did. That means the corrupt Israel’ites’ too!

Situation!; Okay, If Christian Dave has a certain DNA, and Dave gets a transplant of an organ from drunk dead Rick. Dead Rick would then have his DNA mingled with Dave’s DNA. Now, what if Rick was a drinker of Vodka. Would Christian Dave be prone to be a drinker of Vodka, too?

Or, say, a Christian woman gets a kidney from a prostitute. Would she now have lust for other men that she didn’t have before?

Now the Vodka you ‘could say’ is a substance addiction. But the lust is a demonic addiction. Now again, when you get to Judgment. What spirit will she be, a prostitute, or a Christian. She will have both DNA, She will have a spirit that is not of God! So, shall we ask the Witch Doctors for a Christian heart. Or Christian blood?

People will say, ‘God knows our heart.’ But, if we get a heart transplant, can we say that God knows our heart?

I myself am not going to even give blood or get blood. Blood is the life of man. I’m going to stay away from the Hospitals altogether. That’s what the gift of healing is for. If we have clean hands and a pure heart. Then someone can heal us by the power of Jesus name!

These thoughts are so deep, that I don’t know if anyone has ever voiced them before.

They would be persecuted if they did. It’s like saying that a relative went to hell, because they wouldn’t forgive. Now that would get you persecuted! But it’s in the Old Black History Book!

The Sylent Knight reserves his First Amendment Right to say, or write anything! Feel free to copy and paste before the Deep State shuts this down.

By Sylvester McKnight

“A Knight without a country.” He goes about silently helping Christian and homeschool families that are being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. His writings are hard-hitting, yet they can make one laugh, cry, and get angered in the same story. Sy pulls no punches.

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