Civil Disobedience

Should believers in the real Jesus Christ utilize civil disobedience when it comes to Jehovah’s Commands?

One; We are not allowed to believe a lie, or lies! All this propaganda about this common cold (corona virus) killing people. It’s not the common cold that’s killing people. The Temples of doom are killing people with their treatment of this hoax. That’s just what it is, is “The Toilet Paper Hoax.”

I, and some of my old friends started to follow these ‘epidemics’ back in 1974. Every two or three years the Deep State comes out with a new vi-rus that’s going to kill off half the people in Amerika. Well, they were always unsuccessful until now. They had to incinerate millions of packages of toilet paper to trigger the people of the gullible, to accept their new corona ‘cold’ vi-rus.

Remember the place in the Old Black History Book? ‘And men’s hearts shall fail them for fear, for looking on what is coming upon the whole earth.’ This propaganda has come upon the whole earth. People are dying for fear of this ‘Co-vid’ infection. The test for this ‘Hoax’ is the same test for the common cold. If you have had the common cold in the last 2 and 1/2 years, naturally you will test positive for the anti-bodies for the common cold!

You say; Oh, but I lost a brother-in-law who fell into a river and died from the ‘co-vid’.

No, be honest. He just plain drowned, and the hospital was paid a lot of money by the Deep State to type in ‘Co-vid’ on the death certificate. Your brother-in-law was a statistic like unto all the others! GOD commands us not to believe a lie. The Lie.

GOD also gave you the breath that you breathe. If you put on a mask, you are saying that GOD made a mistake. You are more likely to get a common cold (corona) if you cannot breathe freely of the fresh air that GOD gave.

On another note, if they can Vax all the people. They can inject a chip of the ‘Beast!’ We can only speculate what all these Marks of the Beast are. Or the number of the Beast is. (Social Security Number?) Or the Number of his Name? (666).

Title 42, 666, 13. You must have a Social Security Number to get a license of any kind. Isn’t it remarkable that in Revelation chapter 13 it writes of a number 666. (King James Scripture)

Read in anger, or read in awe.
Where will you stand?

The Sylent Knight reserves his First Amendment Right to say, or write anything! Feel free to copy and paste before the Deep State shuts this down.

By Sylvester McKnight

“A Knight without a country.” He goes about silently helping Christian and homeschool families that are being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. His writings are hard-hitting, yet they can make one laugh, cry, and get angered in the same story. Sy pulls no punches.

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  1. M September 14, 2020 at 8:41 AM

    We can’t even begin to fathom the vast amount of lies that we are fed everyday from all directions. We must be vigil daily in our prayers and seeking the truth. That time of having to make a stand because the line in the sand is being drawn, and we must pick one side or the other, seems to be rapidly approaching. Remember to not only pray for ourselves, but each other too.

    • Sy September 14, 2020 at 10:58 PM

      Thanks M. The old black History Book says, “forsake not thee assembly of yourselves…” You’re right. It is getting harder to determine who “yourselves” is! I have ‘folks’ that say that the abominable, like those that live in Tel Aveav. That they are going to heaven as they reject the Gal. 3: Jesus. The true book of Revelation lists those who aren’t going to be in His kingdom. Those abominations, no matter what their background is, aren’t “yourselves.” It’s going to be a sparse road.

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