Hedge Apple

When I first moved to the Ozarks many years ago, I interviewed a lot of the old Hillbillies. (I write that with respect. Those Hillbillies knew how to stay alive and well.)

I asked them how they lived and how they ate, how they went to the dances, and how they took care of their health. I acquired about three inches of notes. Some of the stuff was superstition, and that was easy to throw out.

One of the things that they talked about was a wild fruit that they all gathered. Hedge Apple, Osage Orange, Monkey Fist, Money Brain, or Bois d’arc. Anyhow, some of the Hillbillies said that it was poison, and I still hear that from almost everyone. But some of the Hillbillies stated, “That hedge ball will cure what’er ails ya!”

I didn’t do anything with it for over twenty years. Then someone else brought up the subject. I gathered up a few, and brought them to a prepper meetup to show others. The lady of the house put one in the freezer. The next week we had a sample. She took out the hedge ball and grated it on a cheese grater. Her and some of the other women mixed up a pitcher of the grated Hedge Apple and water. Most of us tried a small sample glass of the stuff. To our surprise it tasted really good. Somewhat like sweet cucumber juice. It was quite refreshing.

However, it was hard to store if there was no freezer. So I figured out how to make a powder out of it.

I froze the Hedge Apple fruit two days, thawed one day, sliced 3/8″ thick, skin core and all, dried in dehydrator for four days, broke rings, placed in an old glass blender, and blended to a powder (this is going to take some work as you can only place a few pieces in at a time), sifted the rough powder in flour sifter. I then threw the heavies back into the blender with more pieces. Stores in jar on counter. One heaping teaspoon in smoothie with banana and yogurt, and fruit. First few days as toxins are coming out, there might be diarrhea. After that, heaping teaspoon in juice or tea, one to three times a day. Works for dog cancer also. If the person or animal has two days to live, it still works. Stop all radiation, Wi-Fi, cell phone, and computer, and alcohol. One or two pounds, for one or two months.

The Sylent Knight reserves his First Amendment Right to say, or write anything! Feel free to copy and paste before the Deep State shuts this down.

By Sylvester McKnight

“A Knight without a country.” He goes about silently helping Christian and homeschool families that are being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. His writings are hard-hitting, yet they can make one laugh, cry, and get angered in the same story. Sy pulls no punches.

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