Medical Kidnapping

If you take your child to the Witch Doctor, there is a more than fair chance that the child will get Medically Kidnapped, especially now with the toilet paper hoax (COVID). Hospitals are losing a lot of money now that people are staying away (saying no to drugs). The drug companies are paying hospitals and doctors a lot of money to test drugs on your child. The child will more than likely die from the tests. Is this what you want? The child protection socialists are a large part of this kidnapping, as are the corrupt courts.

Oh, by the way, where did all the children come from that were in Pizzagate? Child protective services?

The Sylent Knight reserves his First Amendment Right to say, or write anything! Feel free to copy and paste before the Deep State shuts this down.

By Sylvester McKnight

“A Knight without a country.” He goes about silently helping Christian and homeschool families that are being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. His writings are hard-hitting, yet they can make one laugh, cry, and get angered in the same story. Sy pulls no punches.

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  1. Sylvester McKnight September 13, 2020 at 7:01 PM

    I will add that these toilet paper hoax tests are positive before they are even used. If you or your child goes into the Temples of doom, and either one of you test positive, They will take your children away, and there is no contact until the funeral. (If they even allow that) My relative is a mort’s assistant. You won’t even know if your child was even sick. They can be sold for sex slaves, or organ harvesting. Don’t count on the courts helping. These people are higher than the law. Those people that you voted in, . . . may be a part of this Masonic witchcraft. Wasn’t it Bush and Clinton that were at Jon Benet Ramsey’s home just days before she was sacrificed? If the man of your house false tests positive, or you. They will take all the children out of your home.

    • Sy McKnight October 7, 2020 at 4:48 AM

      The Sylent Knight here; Just yesterday I received a note that 39 children were rescued by Trumps Federal Marshals. Now here is the kicker. 53 of those children were from CPS foster care, and they were to small to have run away. They were sold by the CPS! Child Protective Services.
      Senator Nancy Schaeffer wrote a book about that. And well, she’s dead. Someone didn’t want her to tell on the Child Protective Services (If some one has a manuscript of her book I would like to put it back in print.)

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